Friday, December 7, 2012


1) Humans Reproduce

Humans reproduce by giving birth to their offspring. This process continues from one generation to another. When humans reproduce, the number of people increases.

Each family has their own offspring who look more like their parents. Do you look like your parents?

2) Animals Reproduce

How do animals reproduce? Some animals give birth and some lay eggs. Different types of animals reproduce in different ways.

A hen lays eggs. A chick hatches from the egg after a few days. The chick grows to become a hen.

A cow gives birth to a calf. The calf grows in the cow's womb until it is born.

3) Plants Reproduce

Plants reproduce to ensure the survival of their species. They reproduce in many different ways. For example, a papaya plant.

Can you see that this plant has flowers?

The flowers will become fruits that contain seeds in them. When these seeds are planted, they will grow into seedlings and then into young plants.

Some plants reproduce from spores. Ferns and mushrooms produce millions of tiny spores.

These spores can be easily carried away by the wind. They can grow into young plants under the right conditions. 

Bryophyllum and begonia plants reproduce from leaves.

Tapioca and hibiscus plants reproduce from stem cuttings.

Ginger plants reproduce from underground stems.


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