Saturday, December 1, 2012

Exercise 1

1. The basic needs of humans and animals are                     ,                     ,                    and                   .

2.                 and                       are needed by humans and animals to help them grow and stay healthy.

3. Humans and animals need                      to breathe.

4. Humans and animals have different types of                         to protect themselves from danger, the sun and the rain.

5. The basic needs of plants are                    ,                     and sunlight.

6.   Figure 1 shows an experiment carried out by a group of pupils.
a) What is the purpose of this experiment? 

b) In this experiment,
ž What is changed?
ž What is kept the same?

c) What do u think will happen to the caterpillar in jar X?

d) Give a reason for your answer in (c).


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